Digital Tribes Houston

Can digital entrepreneurs & innovators take the resources sector into a digital age?

Interested in Digital Tribes Houston? Please submit your application here.

The second Digital Tribes event from Unearthed in 2017, following on from Digital Tribes Perth in early July.

Digital Tribes is a one-week hackathon event where innovators and entrepreneurs will seize on the chance to build technical solutions to resources sector challenges for career orientated opportunities. During the one week period, participants in the hackathon will be exposed to data and given access to industry mentors from BHP who will provide support on their challenges as innovators build out their solutions.

The hackathon is an eye-opener into the resources industry and a unique way for digital entrepreneurs to enter the resources industry.

Digital Tribes Houston is open to global participation. The advantage to Houston locals is in-person access to the industry mentors and other perks as part of the event (venue access, additional industry support, networking opportunities + more). 

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26 Jan - 02 Feb


1301 Fannin St #2440
Houston, TX 77002
United States