Develop an industry-wide "Safe-Stop" PPE device for autonomous systems


The goal of the Shield-X challenge is to design a personal safety device for use by people working near potentially dangerous autonomous equipment at a mine site. The device provides an emergency stop, allowing a user to stop nearby equipment if they feel unsafe - for example if a collision is imminent.

The Shield-X Online Challenge will be open for one week from the Friday the 28th of April to Friday the 5th of May.  During the event week office hours with industry mentors will be available each day and the forum will be active to answer any questions that the teams may have.  By the 5th May teams must submit a video pitch and supporting design documents online to qualify for the final judging. 

You may participate in a team or go it alone! This challenge draws on ergonomics, human factors, IoT, wireless communications, and prototyping. We encourage individuals and groups with different skills and expertise to team up. All team members must register on this site individually. Once registered you can update your profile will your skills.

Check out the Shield-X Homepage for details on mentors and judges



Need some prototyping space? If you are in Perth, book into SOLDER @ CORE. The space will be manned full time by our mechatronics expert Carl, to show you how to use the tools. Book here:

Register for the Live Launch Event in Perth @ CORE on Friday 28th April RSVP


28 Apr - 05 May 2017


Online and limited co-working space in Perth, Australia


1st Prize

  • $12,500 USD
  • 2 hour Technology Workshop 

Winner: Stop-Gap

2nd Prize

  • $5000 USD
  • 2 hour Technology Workshop

Winner: Soter Analytics

3rd Prize

  • $2,500 USD
  • 2 hour Technology Workshop

Winner: Blue Pelicans


Ajs highres2 copy

Andrew Scott
Senior Director, Digital Mining, Barrick

Lauramottola judge

Laura Mottola
President and CEO, Flow Partners

Michaelmurphy catjudge

Michael Murphy
Chief Engineer of the Surface Mining and Technology Division, Caterpillar


Graeme Mitchell
Principal Innovation, Technology Strategy & Innovation, BHP Billiton

Jkeyes bio

Jonathan Keyes
Project Manager, Sensors Technology, Barrick


Carlh linkedin

Carl Hendricks
Mining Solutions Region Manager, Caterpillar Global Mining

Holly hyder profile image

Holly Hyder
Corporate Development and Information Systems, Geographe Enterprises


Vivien Hui
Senior Mine Engineer, Barrick

Sean martin profile image

Sean Martin
Head of Engineering Services, Geographe Enterprises

Sam hyder profile image

Sam Hyder
CEO, Geographe Enterprises

Patrickmarshalllin cropped

Patrick Marshall
Senior Innovation and Operational Technology Engineer, Barrick


Mark Rantapaa
Director Vehicle Collision Systems & Operator Excellence Corporate Safety and Health, Barrick

Logo only

Grant Moy
Technology Lead Technology Strategy & Innovation BHP Billiton


Jordaj Zuleta
Production Engineer Minerals America - Escondida BHP Billiton, Spanish and English Speaking


Enrique Caballero
Analysis & Improvement Engineer Minerals America - Escondida BHP Billiton, Spanish and English Speaking

J keyes

James Keyes
Superintendent Mining Production Technology Strategy & Innovation BHP Billiton


Adrian Boeing
Automation Manager, Atlas Copco Australia